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Personal Lightroom Workflow Videos

  1. Library Module Workflow
  2. Develop Module Workflow

I have been doing books and workshops for Lightroom since the program began. Lightroom is, I believe, the best processing and cataloging program for photographers, bar none. It is made for photographers, it is far easier to learn and use than Photoshop, plus it is faster and more efficient. With Lightroom, you spend your time with your photos, not the program. For nature photographers, especially, Lightroom does not chain you to the computer or make you learn things you don’t really need to know.

I have put together two video programs to help photographers get the most from the Library and Develop modules. I can tell you that the techniques, the tips, the tricks on these video programs really do work for nature photographers. Sure, they absolutely work for other photographers, too, but I had to use something for examples, so I chose my love, nature photography. Plus, nature photographers deserve a program that makes their work the star because most Lightroom books and videos are not geared toward the outdoor photographer who loves nature.

I also want photographers to succeed with Lightroom, so I am keeping the price low on these discs. There is no fancy packaging, just solid information on working with your photos in Lightroom. One disc is $19.95, two are $29.95, no postage, no handling fees, no extra charges. I have even included the same image files that I use for demonstration so you can follow along if you want. The DVDs are meant for use on your computer so they have a good resolution that will show up important details (standard video DVD’s do not). You will be able to flip back and forth from the video to your Lightroom program as needed.

The videos are based on Lightroom 2, Mac or Windows, and I have included a segment on what is new for Lightroom 3.

Here’s what you will find on the discs:

Library DVD Content:                             ORDER

  • Message, 8 min. – a personal message
  • Interface, 12 min. – an overview of the Lightroom interface with some tips on using it
  • Import, 28 min. – getting images into Lightroom efficiently and effectively
  • Traditional Edit, 24 min. – sorting the good from the bad; tips on editing your photos in the traditional photographic sense of editing
  • Keywords & Metadata, 24 min. – working with keywords and metadata
  • Collections & Filters, 44 min. – using collections effectively and using filters for searching Library
  • New in Lightroom 3, 5 min. – what’s new in Lightroom 3 for Library

Develop DVD Content:                           ORDER

  • 1 Develop Message, 12 min. – personal message
  • Intro to Workflow, 14 min. – an overview of Develop workflow
  • Blacks, Whites, Midtones, 37 minutes – a critical part of the process for me is getting blacks, whites and midtones right from the start; a bit on cropping is included
  • Color, 15 min. – tips on working color for correction and enhancement
  • Sharpen, 12 min. – the sharpen tools for Lightroom are quite different than Photoshop; here’s a way to work with them
  • Local Adjustments, 35 min. – this is what makes Lightroom truly give the tools of the traditional darkroom
  • Example & Presets, 28 min. – a full example of using this Lightroom workflow is shown, plus an overview on using presets
  • Export Function, 27 min. – here’s how to get images out of Lightroom
  • New in Lightroom 3, 9 min. – what’s new in Lightroom 3 for Develop